Strauss, R.

THE SIAMESE CAT & THE LABRADOR: A look at the disparate creative styles that led Strauss and Hofmannsthal to “Ariadne auf Naxos”


It was said of the leg­endary dance team Fred Astaire and Gin­ger Rogers, that one of the rea­sons their per­for­mances were so mag­i­cal was that she gave him sex appeal and he gave her class. That could also be a crude, but rather accu­rate, descrip­tion of the Read more

INTERMEZZO – Richard Strauss



Inter­mez­zo is based on an actu­al — and very upset­ting — inci­dent in Richard Strauss’s life. In 1903 an Ital­ian opera com­pa­ny was appear­ing at Berlin’s Kroll The­ater. One night after a per­for­mance the con­duc­tor, Josef Stran­sky, the star tenor, Emilio De Marchi, (who had been Puccini’s first Cavara­dos­si in Tosca just three years ear­li­er), and his man­ag­er, an Amer­i­can named Edgar Strakosch, went to the bar at the Read more